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Most people hear the word “wellness” and will assume it’s beyond our reach, or think that it’s only for yogis, doctors and practitioners. We are here to tell you otherwise! 

Starting from 15 January we will pair with 30 trusted partners including 10/10 HOPE HK, John Masters Organics, Eatology, Titika Active, UPHealth and more, to act as a Wellness Advent Calendar and announce ONE PRO TIP A DAY to help you improve your wellbeing substantially.


大多數人聽到「健康生活」一詞,都會認為係遙不可及,或者覺得呢啲只係同瑜伽愛好者、醫生同專業培訓人士相關嘅事情。IRIS 係度您話你知,事實並非如此。所謂健康生活,係透過調整同養成良好生活習慣,持之以恆,繼而創造更美滿嘅人生!

由1月15日起,#30DaysOfIRIS 將會扮演一個「健康日曆」嘅角色,並同 10/10 Hope、John Masters Organics、Titika Active、Up! Health 等30位夥伴攜手合作,每日係網上分享一個專業小貼士,幫您係30日內實現健康人生!


IRIS: Your Escape is back on the 3rd & 4th March, 2018. Don’t miss out and purchase your ticket today!

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