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What is Right Diet?


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Avey Cortes

Community Manager, HIT45

Avey is a passionate ambassador for all things health, fitness and positive living. His love for personal growth has led him to align his personal and professional values. Alongside making people sweat in private sessions and his classes at HIT45, he partners with fitness & wellness brands to build community and help inspire others to live well and fit.

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Moises Mehl 

Raw Food Chef of Nood Food

Moy is the Raw Food Chef of nood food and has been practising raw veganism for years. Food and nature for Moy are synonymous, his diet reflecting the idea of “living Gaea.” Living Gaea describes the Earth as a metaphorical living organism that exists in harmony with other living beings.

A yoga teacher and certified Raw Vegan Chef from the prestigious Matthew Kenney Academy and Elaine Love Pure Joy Academy. Moy’s particular areas of focus include conscious eating, devising a personalised diet regime, and preparing a juice fast detox programme.

Inspired by his travels and studies all over the world, Moy sees nood food as a way to:
1. offer detox programmes and foods that are both delicious and nourishing to help busy people counterbalance their periodic overindulgences  
2. contribute to sustainability by maintaining the lowest environmental impact through organic and local products.

He is currently studying for a Master’s Degree in Raw Vegan Spiritual Nutrition at the University of Integrated Science California and The Culture of Life Institute. His menu showcases raw snacks, main dishes and desserts that are chock full of superfoods. He is delighted to create foods for those who practise conscious eating and seek a more accessible way of maintaining health and balance.

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Michelle Lau

Registered Nutritionist (MSc. Human Nutrition, Canada), Nutrition Educator,

TV and radio personality, food brand spokesperson, and the founder of NUTRILICIOUS

Michelle Lau is a Registered Nutritionist (MSc. Human Nutrition, Canada), nutrition educator, TV and radio personality, food brand spokesperson, and the founder of NUTRILICIOUS, a nutrition consultancy and communications company that aspires to inspire millions to eat their way to a healthier and happier lives. With her high energy, down-to-earth charm, Michelle and her team passionately motivates all audiences to Eat Whole, Train Smart, Live Full. As an avid runner and obsessive home baker, she appreciates and prioritizes balance in all areas of life. Her motto: "Life is so endlessly delicious."

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Jessica Williams

Co-Founder of Body Awakening, Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition,

Certified Nutrition Professional

Jessica Williams is Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition and is a Certified Nutrition Professional with the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP, USA).  She has worked in the wellness field in Asia for over a decade in roles such as Wellness Director at Absolute Sanctuary in Thailand, Dispensary Manager and Integral Health Advisor at IMI in Hong Kong and product formulator for the supplement brand, Body Awakening. Jessica currently spends most of her professional life as a nutrition consultant as well as teaching yoga and pilates at Flex Studio and running her own classes in Lantau. Jessica believes a balanced approach to diet and lifestyle as well as identifying your own individual needs are the keys to obtaining optimal health. 

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