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30 Days of IRIS #13 -  The Healing Power of Gemstones

January 27th 2018

Our partner CLIFF VON EDGE is sponsoring a Auspicious Onyx Beaded Bracelet which soothes the stress of everyday life. To win this delicate gift, simply follow IRIS and CLIFF VON EDGE on social media and tag a friend to tell them about these gemstones knowledge provided by CLIFF VON EDGE!

Gemstones have been believed to serve as an amulet to help you tap into your inner power, uplift our moods, and bring harmnonic vibrations into life for thousands of years. Here, CLIFF VON EDGE lays out a simple guide to the most popular stones and the powers they're thought to possess:

1. Amethyst Crystal - Improve Emotional And Physical Balance, Insomnia And Crown Chakra

2. Wear Pyrite Stone - Attract Abundance To Your Business & Home

3. Kyanite Crystal - A Powerful Healing Stone To Stop You From Repeating Any Negative Pattern In Your Life

4. Wear Tourmaline Crystal - Purify Your Chakras And To Unblock Any Emotional Stress, Anxiety or Blockage

5. White Howlite Aids In Sleeping, Calming The Overactive Mind, And Stress Relief

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