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30 Days of IRIS #14 -  6 Principles to Care for Mother Earth

January 28th 2018

As more and more people wake up to the urgent need for organic plant based food to sustain both themselves and the world, our partner Mana ! Fast Slow Food is here to share with all of you their principles to help you eat and drink the way you should to care for Mother Earth.

1. FREE WATER FOR ALL - Water is our birthright & should not be sold.

2. ZERO FOOD WASTE - All organic matter is compostable & should be returned to the soil.

3. PLANT-BASED DIET - By shifting to a plant-based lifestyle real change begins immediately.

4. CONSCIOUS CONSUMPTION  - Vote for change. Choose organic, fair-trade, ethical & eco-friendly options.

5. SMALL ECO FOOTPRINT - Individuals & businesses should endeavour to live with the smallest eco footprint.

6. EAT LIKE IT MATTERS  - Not just for our own health & well being but for the earth.

Be sure to visit MANA! at IRIS to learn more about their healthy and sustainable concept of “fast slow food” and how they can contribute to a better world!

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