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30 Days of IRIS #19 -  SAVERS - Your Morning Routines to Get Through the Week

February 2nd 2018

Don’t leave your morning routines to chance! Set aside 5 minutes on a Sunday to plan your week and prioritise your health and wellness. Our partner Pinnacle Performance is here to share with you a good routine to follow - “SAVERS”, originated from Hal Elrod (Author of “The Miracle Morning”):


S - Silence

Through meditation, prayers and breathing, you can quiet your mind and block out the noise to start the day off with calm thoughts.


A - Affirmations

Encouraging words for yourself to achieve your goals, overcome fears, be healthy and happy.


V - Visualisations

Imagine yourself working towards your goals step-by-step and the feeling of accomplishing your goals.


E - Exercise

5 minutes of bodyweight exercises such as squats, planks, pushups, and lunges (rotating between the exercises for 5 straight minutes).


R - Read

Fill your mind with positive thoughts and ideas to improve yourself, learn from people who have accomplished what you want to achieve.


S - Scribe

Reflect on your thoughts and processes to help you become more self-aware and articulate.

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