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30 Days of IRIS #2 -  Snacks to Boost Your Performance

January 16th 2018

Ever been to the gym and within 15 minutes of working out and felt like you’ve climbed Mount Fuji and it’s time to go home? To what extent do you think your diet influence your performance?  


Let’s talk about what you should be having before and during a workout to help maximize your power output. 


Pre-Workout: Beet

Beet juice contains nitrites which can be converted into nitric oxide. This nitric oxide hence influences muscle function and energy output. It also regulates blood flow and glucose balance.


Workout ~30 mins: Fruits with nut butter

The fruit will provide you with energy through its carbohydrate while the nut butter, like peanut or almond butter, will give you good protein. 


Feeling a bit hungry? A good old bowl of oatmeal can fill you up without making you feel sluggish. It contains enough complex carbohydrates for energy. 


Workout > 60mins: 1-2 cups of a 6-8% carbs solution/ energy drinks

Drink it every 10-15 mins during your run. It helps keep your blood glucose level normal and maintain your muscle glycogen stores. This will basically prolong the time of your exhaustion. 


Read careful the ingredients list as there might be added harmful additives. A good energy drink can help you exercise even lasting more than 3-4 hours.


All these help optimize your workout! 


Do not have time to prepare all these? Eatology’s full day meals also includes snacks with the right macros. Come to visit us in IRIS and have a taste of our energy balls!

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