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30 Days of IRIS #23 -  5 Healthy Eating Habits to Add to Your Daily Diet

February 6th 2018

Our Partner NOSH wants to support your healthy eating goals by sending you a free five-day signature meal plan, delivered straight to your door. 

Imagine (or recollect from memory) you wake up every morning, squeeze every minute, arrive at office and start grinding until 6 PM (and that is, once in a while). 

After clocking in the hours, all you crave is a delicious meal with good company, and of course a few drinks... 


Wait… when will ‘eat healthy’ ever happen in 2018?

Here are 5 healthy eating habits to add to your daily diet:

1. Reduce sugar. Ask for no syrup in lemon tea and coffees. Say ‘no more’ to sugar packets and cream.

2. Eat with ratios. 80% plant-based food. 20% meat (or soy alternatives). 40:30:30 ratio for protein to fats, to carbs. Don’t over-measure calories. 

3. Go sauce-less. Ketchup, Chinese seafood sauce, Peking duck sauce, mustard, salad seasonings. Get those energy-dense sauces out! 

4. Appreciate food in itself. Embrace free range chicken, organic farming, and sustainable agriculture for a better Mother Earth. 

5. No processed food. No chips, sweets, confectioneries. 

 Say ‘Yes!’ to a healthier body and mind for 2018. 

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