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30 Days of IRIS #24 -  Clean Skin is the Best Skin

February 7th 2018

With our on the go lifestyles, we can’t help but face pollution, sun and other toxins that can greatly affect our skin. Here are some tips to ensure we don’t let that get in our way:

1. Wear sunscreen daily as a last step before makeup even during the winters. Don’t forget your hands and feet if they will be exposed.

2. Before a workout, it is always great to wash your face, as makeup and creams that you have on can block your pores when you sweat.

3. Even if you have had the most exhausting day, it is important to remove your makeup before you sleep. Use micellar water that is quick, gentle and effective.

4. For the harsh winters, apply a sheet mask to help replenish all that moisture back into your skin.

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