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30 Days of IRIS #27 -  How to Start a Self Practice of Yoga

February 10th 2018

Tired of going to studio class frequently yet without seeing any significant improvement? Try self practice! It is a vital way to deepen your practice!


Here are some useful tips provided by Popsy to help you start and maintain your own yoga routine:


1. Be simple and realistic

Don't jump into long duration when you start. Start with 15-20 minutes a day with your favourite yoga poses or even just a few rounds of sun salutation. Always remember to set moderate and realistic goals for yourself and your life. 


2. Personalize your practice

Theme your yoga routine on a daily or weekly basis to suit your own fitness needs - maybe back bending this week and leg balancing next week. Don't overwhelm yourself with too many tasks at a time. Be focused and specific.


3. Create good experience

Building habits is like training a dog - you want to make the environment pleasant and reward yourself for a well done job! Turn on your favourite music, light up candles or use aroma whenever you feel like it. Don’t hesitate to reward yourself with a smoothie, coffee or healthy snacks which delight you after the practice.    


4. Be flexible and creative

While it is good to establish a yoga routine at similar hours at the same place everyday, don't be afraid to get flexible and creative on the time, place, style and length of your practice, especially on a hectic day. Some simple stretching or a short meditation for 10 minutes in-between meetings or errands will be just as beneficial as any full-length practice!  


5. Don't give up

It generally takes around 21 days for most people to build a habit. Be consistent and have faith in yourself! Your body achieves what your mind says.

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