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30 Days of IRIS #29 -  Radiate Beauty From Within

February 12th 2018

Follow us IRISZippysparkles & Co. and tag three of your friends to win a herbal tea blend and Ayurvedic copper bottle!

How do your practice self-care and love? What are your favourite rituals for letting your best possible selves shine through?

Here are some of our tips for uncovering your inner, glowing beauty:

1. Protect yourself from physical, mental and emotional stressors of everyday life by sipping on herbal floral tisanes daily. Alternatively, add a little magic into your everyday with a dose of adaptogenic herbs such as reishi, schizandra berries and astralagus into your regular cuppa coffee or tea.

2. Check your haemoglobin levels. Low levels can cause dull or pale skin and dark circles because there isn't enough oxygen being carried to our tissues. According to the ancient practice of Ayurveda, foods such as dates, black sesame seeds, pomegranate beetroot and drinking water from a copper vessel naturally assist in increasing haemoglobin levels and give colour to our skin.

3. Be kind to all beings, small or big. When we try our best to help others sincerely, our heart centre expands, naturally bringing on an extra added benefit of glowing from inside out (plus we are big time believers of Karma too!)

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