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30 Days of IRIS #30 -  Tips for Feeling Great in Your Own Skin

February 13th 2018

As the last chapter of #30DayOfIRIS, our partnerCalzedonia wants to wrap it up by sharing the below tips provided by their spokesperson Natalie Söderström with you on how to feel good in your own skin:

1. Gratitude 

Start every morning (while your eyes are still closed in bed…) by saying out loud the three things that you are most grateful for. Think about what’s really important, your health, your body, your loved ones. Be grateful for the simple things too, sun shining and the life you live - you get the point!

2. Self-love 

In order to give love to others you must first love yourself. It’s like filling up your own glass first before you can pass it onto others and the world around you. Nobody’s perfect, so it’s important to learn how to love any “flaws” you might think you have and to embrace them - that’s what makes you special! Start the day by wearing something that makes you FEEL good. For me, whenever I need that little boost of confidence, I love to slip on a pair of cute Calzedonia tights. It helps to set my day right! 

3. Kindness 

Practice kindness to everyone you meet throughout your day. Give your seat to the elderly and young children when you’re on public transport. Smile to the grumpy and angry people rushing through too - they probably need it the most. Remember to practice kindness towards yourself as well! Be kind, don’t beat yourself up over little things and cut yourself some slack, life is tough. 

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