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30 Days of IRIS #4 -  Why Choose Organics?

January 18th 2018

We often think about beauty and wellness separately, but the two are very much interlinked. Just like you nourish your body with healthier food, There are many non-organic beauty products in the market today include an astonishing amount of toxic chemicals. Your skin deserves care with healthier beauty options because:

1. Better for skin

Products with toxic chemicals can cause irritation and even trigger allergic reactions. Plus, unknown chemicals can mess with your skin's natural pH levels. If your skin just feels off, it might be because of the products you're using. 


2. Better for your health

We are what we eat, as well as what we put on our body. If you slather chemical-filled soaps, lotions and creams over your skin, your body absorbs those toxins. Even worse, many of the chemicals in beauty products have never been tested, so any potential health problems they can cause are virtually unknown. 


3. Better to the environment

Just one bottle can bring up a lot of uncomfortable eco-questions.
Is the packaging recyclable? 
Were they grown with chemicals and fertilisers?
What happens when those chemicals go down the drain? 
What's that doing to our water supply and the local ecosystems?
What happens if the fish eat in the chemical polluted water and we eventually eat the fish? 


When you use organic beauty products, you can help minimise your environmental impact. First, you will not have to worry about chemicals going down the drain because there will not be any in the bottle. And, be sure to check our companies that package their products in glass or biodegradable packaging, or at least recycled plastic (PET).

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