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30 Days of IRIS #5 -  6 Tips for Your Best Yoga Practice Yet!  

January 19th 2018

1. Create your own space : practice in an environment that makes you feel relaxed and safe. Be it in your home, in the park or at your clubhouse.

2. Use props when needed: we are all at different points in our yoga journey. Some asanas may be enhanced by the use of a prop, never be to proud to incorporate a block or strap into your practice. 

3. Invest in yourself: make time for you and your practice on a daily basis.

4. Make sure you have a sticky mat: a yoga mat that is slip and sweat resistant will ensure you have a safe practice and give you confidence to try more challenging asanas.

5. Always aim to grow and explore in your practice: this way you will be motivated and challenged. If you always do a certain style of yoga why not give something new a try?  For example, Wheel yoga can be give you a new perspective on an old pose. 

6. Most importantly, have fun on your yoga journey! 

Let Flow Factory Co. give you a helping hand, as we’re giving 3 lucky winner a set of yoga accessories ( cork block plus yoga strap). Simply ‘like/follow’ IRIS and Flow Factory on Facebook/Instagram and tag three friends! Winners will be announced on 1st March. 

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