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30 Days of IRIS #6 -  Stay in. Unplug. Restore. 

January 20th 2018

Everyone would love to afford a vacation every few months, but a lot of times stepping away from work  and family or budgeting may be an issue. This is where staycations can make dreams come true! Here we’ve got ways to ensure your staycation stands up to a one of a kind vacation.

1. Abandon Your Routine

A real staycation means abandoning your usual routine.  Choose to book a local hotel or stay in (at home) for cost savings. If you decide to stay in, make sure to do all the cleaning beforehand so you don't end up tidying your home during the staycation. 

2. Stop Checking Emails

Commit to shutting down away from all work emails.

3. Check Out the Latest Dining Scenes

Indulge in a few special meals, try out a cute cafe or a fine dining restaurant you've always wanted to go!


4. Work on Your Local Bucket List

Experience your hometown and playing tourist can be fun.  Time to check that museum or organic farm off your list.

5. Get Moving: Exercise or Meditate

Any form of exercise or meditation can be a stress reliever.  Drop by the pool, sign up for a yoga or meditation class.  Pump up your endorphins to improve your mood!

6. Pamper Yourself 

You are already saving lots on air tickets and more compared to a fly away vacation.  Why not pamper yourself, splurge on a spa treatment or that new outfit you want!


Are you ready for your staycation? If you are, be one of the first 5 people to follow IRIS and Gourami and comment on our Facebook or Instagram post to tell us what you plan to do on your staycation to win a swim or activewear outfit of your choice sponsored by our partner Gourami!

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